Rokomera Tukku Oy, founded in 1998, is a import company owned by 15 independent retailers. Our turnover in 2018 were 4.2 million Euros.

We import goods to our owners more than 50 shops in Finland, whose total annual sales is over 200 million Euros.

Our strength is connections build to suppliers in Europe and Asia during our long operation period in the business. We are importing goods from over 70 suppliers and our product category is wide, but due to our efficient infrastructure our import expenses remain very reasonable. Thus, we are able to import even small special shipments that most of the big wholesalers cannot do.

Our office is located at Hyvinkää Finland wherefrom we do all our import business as well as the maintenance of our advanced internet ordering system. Our selection contains products of all our retailers including tools, electronics, etc



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